Wall Art – Stunning wedding artworks – Collection nine

The finest wedding wall art that we can find worldwide.

The highest quality materials, crafted by skilled artisans. A range of breath-taking options for your Wedding Art.

Why you booked a professional wedding photographer in the first place – to create stunning artworks.

A stunning collection of four square artworks. A configuration that is great for the wall above stairs, or in an approximately square space. Just like with this installation, we can scale this collection both larger and smaller to fit. Prices will be vary depending on the size of the pieces required for your home.

Wall Art - Stunning wedding artworks - Collection nine
Wall Art - Stunning wedding artworks - Collection nine

Wall art collections

Choose from a selection of popular wall art collections, or we can create one that fits, just for you. Simply send us a photograph of your space or room, along with a few measurements, and we will plan a beautiful set of images, with frames that match the look and feel of your home.

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